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QQQQ (Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock) is the most active ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

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Why QQQQ Options

The QQQQ, also known as the "cubes" (or “qubes”), are an example of an exchange-traded fund (ETF). ETFs track major stock indexes and can be traded just like a regular stock. The QQQQ track the NASDAQ 100 Index, which is composed of 100 of the biggest and most important stocks of the NASDAQ Composite Index. Buying a share of the QQQQ ETF is just like buying tiny fractions of 100 NASDAQ companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Amgen, and others.

Probably because many speculators yearn for the euphoric days of the NASDAQ bubble times, the QQQQ are the most widely traded financial instrument on Earth. Because they are highly volatile, they have become a perfect vehicle for naked speculation.

For QQQQ options traders, it doesn't matter whether the NASDAQ and the QQQQ move up or down, all that matters is that this trading vehicle is volatile and highly liquid. Because of their high liquidity and constant volatility, QQQQ prices can move up and down erratically. Speculator trading the QQQQ don't care whether the NASDAQ 100 index soars or collapses, only that they make the right bet on what will happen in the near future.

Fortunes are made and lost every day trading QQQQ options - they are definitively not a trading vehicle suitable for everyone. Trading these options is only appropriate for speculators who fully understand what they are doing and who are equipped to handle the high risks.

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