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MarketVolume Trading Glossary

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Face-amount certificate
Factor analysis
Factor model
Factor portfolio
Factor Return
Fair game
Fair market price
Fair price
Fair rate of return
Fair-and-equitable test
Fairness opinion
Fall Down
Fall out of bed
Fallen angels
Fallout risk
Fama, Eugene F.
Family of funds
Far month
Farther out; farther in
FASB No. 52
FASB No. 8
Favorable trade balance
Feasible portfolio
Feasible set of portfolios
Feasible target payout ratios
FED Pass
Federal agency bond
Federal agency securities
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac)
Federal credit agencies
Federal deficit (surplus)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Farm Credit Bank
Federal Farm Credit System
Federal Financing Bank
Federal funds
Federal funds market
Federal funds rate
Federal gift tax
Federal Home Loan Banks
Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB)
Federal Intermediate Credit Bank
Federal intrafund transactions
Federal Land Bank
Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)
Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
Federal Reserve Bank
Federal Reserve Board (FRB)
Federal Reserve notes
Federal Reserve System
Federal Savings and Loan Association
Federally related institutions
Fee table
Fee-and-commission compensation
Fee-based compensation
Fee-only compensation
Feedback Systems
FHA prepayment experience
Fiat money
Fibonacci Sequence
Fictitious credit
Field warehouse
Figuring the tail
Fill or kill order (FOK)
Finance charge
Finance company
Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
Financial adviser
Financial analysis
Financial analysts
Financial assets
Financial control
Financial distress
Financial distress costs
Financial engineering
Financial future
Financial guarantee insurance
Financial innovation
Financial institution
Financial institution buyer credit policy
Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA)
Financial intermediaries
Financial lease
Financial leverage
Financial leverage clientele
Financial leverage ratios
Financial market
Financial needs approach
Financial objectives
Financial plan
Financial planner
Financial planning
Financial policy
Financial position
Financial press
Financial price risk
Financial public relations
Financial pyramid
Financial ratio
Financial risk
Financial service income
Financial statement
Financial statement analysis
Financial strategy
Financial structure
Financial supermarket
Financial tables
Financial Times (F-T)-Actuaries indexes
Financing Corporation (FICO)
Financing Cost Savings
Financing decisions
Financing Intermediaries
Finder`s fee
Finite-Life Real Estate Investment Trust (FREIT)
Firm anomalies
Firm commitment underwriting
Firm market
Firm order
Firm quote
Firm-specific news
Firm`s net value of debt
First board
First call
First call date
First In, First Out (FIFO)
First market
First mortgage
First preferred stock
First-pass regression
Fiscal agency agreement
Fiscal policy
Fiscal year (FY)
Fiscal year-end
Fisher effect
Fisher`s separation theorem
Fitch sheet
Five Cs of credit
Five hundred dollar rule
Five percent rule
Fixed annuities
Fixed asset
Fixed asset turnover ratio
Fixed benefits
Fixed cost
Fixed dates
Fixed exchange rate
Fixed for floating swap
Fixed income equivalent
Fixed income instruments
Fixed income market
Fixed premium
Fixed price basis
Fixed trust
Fixed-charge coverage ratio
Fixed-dollar obligations
Fixed-dollar security
Fixed-income securities
Fixed-price tender offer
Fixed-rate loan
Fixed-rate payer
Fixed-term reverse mortgage
Flat price (also clean price)
Flat price risk
Flat scale
Flat tax
Flat trades
Flattening of the yield curve
Flexible budget
Flexible expenses
Flexible mutual fund
Flight to quality
Flip side
Flip-flop note
Floating debt
Floating exchange rate
Floating lien
Floating securities
Floating supply
Floating-rate contract
Floating-rate note (FRN)
Floating-rate payer
Floating-rate preferred
Floor official
Floor picture
Floor planning
Floor ticket
Floor trader
Floor Traders
Flotation (rotation) cost
Flow of funds
Flow-through basis
Flow-through method
Flower bond
Fluctuation limit
Focus list
Footsie (FTSE)
For a number
For your information (FYI)
Forbes 500
Force majeure risk
Forced conversion
Foreign banking market
Foreign base company income
Foreign bond
Foreign bond market
Foreign branch
Foreign corporation
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA)
Foreign crowd
Foreign currency
Foreign currency forward contract
Foreign currency futures contract
Foreign currency option
Foreign currency translation
Foreign direct investment (FDI)
Foreign equity market
Foreign exchange
Foreign exchange broker
Foreign exchange controls
Foreign exchange dealer
Foreign exchange market
Foreign exchange risk
Foreign exchange swap
Foreign holdings
Foreign investment risk matrix (FIRM)
Foreign market
Foreign market beta
Foreign official institutions
Foreign public borrower
Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC)
Foreign tax credit
Foreign-source income
Foreign-targeted issue
Form 10-K
Form 3
Form 4
Form 8-K
Form T
Formula basis
Formula investing
Fortune 500
Forward averaging
Forward contract
Forward cover
Forward currency contract
Forward delivery
Forward differential
Forward discount
Forward exchange rate
Forward exchange transaction
Forward Fed funds
Forward foreign exchange contract
Forward foreign exchange rate
Forward forward contract
Forward interest rate
Forward market
Forward parity
Forward premium
Forward pricing
Forward rate
Forward rate agreement (FRA)
Forward sale
Forward trade
Forward-looking multiple
Fourth market
Fractal Dimension
Fractal Distribution
Fractal Market Hypothesis
Fractional Brownian Motion
Fractional coins
Fractional discretion order
Fractional Noise
Fractional share
Franchise agreement
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)
Free box
Free cash flows
Free delivery
Free float
Free on board (FOB)
Free reserves
Free rider
Free right of exchange
Free stock
Free to trade
Freed up
Freely floating exchange rate system
Freeze out
Freight shippers
Frequency distribution
Fresh picture
Fresh signal
Friction costs
Frictional cost
Frictionless market
Friendly Merger
Friendly takeover
Front fee
Front office
Front running
Front-end load
Frozen account
Fry a bigger fish
Full compensation
Full coupon bond
Full disclosure
Full faith-and-credit obligations
Full price
Full trading authorization
Full-service broker
Full-service lease
Fully depreciated
Fully diluted earnings per shares
Fully distributed
Fully invested
Fully modified pass-throughs
Fully valued
Fun money
Functional currency
Fund assets
Fund family
Fund manager
Fund of funds
Fund switching
Fundamental beta
Fundamental descriptors
Fundamental forecasting
Fundamental Information
Funded debt
Funded Liability
Funded pension plan
Funding ratio
Funding risk
Funds From Operations (FFO)
Furthest month
Future Contract
Future investment opportunities
Future value
Future Volatility
Futures commission merchant (FCM)
Futures contract
Futures contract multiple
Futures option
Futures price
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Systems  


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