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MarketVolume Trading Glossary

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Macaroni defense
Macaulay duration
Macro country risks
Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Madrid)
Magic of diversification
Mail Delay
Mail float
Maintenance call
Maintenance fee
Maintenance margin
Maintenance margin requirement
Majority shareholder
Majority voting
Make a market
Make whole provision
Making delivery
Malaysia Commodity Exchange
Maloney Act
Managed account
Managed float
Management buying
Management buyout (MBO)
Management contract
Management fee
Management/closely held shares
Management`s discussion and analysis (MD&A)
Managerial decisions
Managerial flexibility
Managing underwriter
Mandatory convertibles
Mandatory redemption schedule
Manufactured housing securities (MHS)
Maple Leaf
Margin account (stocks)
Margin agreement
Margin department
Margin of profit
Margin of safety
Margin requirement
Margin requirement (options)
Margin security
Margin trading
Marginal cost
Marginal efficiency of capital
Marginal revenue
Marginal tax rate
Marginal utility
Marital deduction
Marital trust
Market analysis
Market capitalization rate
Market clearing
Market conversion price
Market correction
Market cycle
Market Eye
Market failure
Market If Touched
Market impact costs
Market index
Market Indicators
Market internalization advantages
Market jitters
Market letter
Market microstructure
Market model
Market Not Held Order
Market on Close
Market opening
Market order go-along/participating
Market out clause
Market overhang
Market penetration/share
Market Performance Committee (MPC)
Market portfolio
Market price
Market price of risk
Market prices
Market research
Market return
Market RRR (required rate of return) Schedule
Market sectors
Market segmentation theory or preferred habitat theory
Market Sentiment
Market share
Market sweep
Market timer
Market timing costs
Market tone
Market value ratios
Market value-weighted index
Market-based corporate governance system
Market-based forecasting
Market-book ratio
Market-if-touched (MIT)
Market-on-Close (MOC) order
Marketable securities
Marketable title
Marketed claims
Marketplace price efficiency
Marking to market
Marking up or down
Markovian Dependence
Markowitz diversification
Markowitz efficient frontier
Markowitz efficient portfolio
Markowitz efficient set of portfolios
Markowitz, Harry
Marriage penalty
Married put
Master limited partnership (MLP)
Matador market
Matched and lost
Matched book
Matched maturities
Matched orders
Matched sale transaction
Matching concept
Materials requirement planning
Mathematical programming
Matif SA
Matrix trading
Mature economy
Matured noninterest-bearing debt
Maturity date
Maturity factoring
Maturity phase
Maturity spread
Maturity value
Maximum capital gains mutual fund
Maximum expected return criterion (MERC)
Maximum price fluctuation
Maximum return criterion (MRC)
May Day
May expand
MBS depository
MBS servicing
Meals and entertainment expense
Mean of the sample
Mean-variance analysis
Mean-variance criterion
Measurement error
Median market cap
Medium-term bond
Medium-Term Guarantee Program
Medium-term note
Meff Renta Fija
Meff Renta Variable
Member bank
Member firm
Membership or a seat on the exchange
Merc, the
Mercantile agency
Mercato Italiano Futures (MIF)
Merchant bank
Method of payment
Mexican Stock Exchange
Mezzanine bracket
Mezzanine financing
Mezzanine level
Micro country risks
Mid cap
Mid-cap SPDRs
Milan Stock Exchange
Miller and Modigliani`s irrelevance proposition
Miller, Merton
Minimum maintenance
Minimum price fluctuation
Minimum purchases
Minimum-variance frontier
Minimum-variance portfolio
Minority interest
Minus tick
Misery index
Mismatch bond
Miss the price/market
Mixed account
Mixed bag
Mixed forecasting
Mob spread
Mock trading
Modern portfolio theory
Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)
Modified duration
Modified pass-throughs
Modigliani and Miller Proposition I
Modigliani and Miller Proposition II
Momentum indicators
MONEP (Marche des Options Negociables de Paris)
Monetary assets and liabilities
Monetary gold
Monetary indicators
Monetary policy
Monetary/non-monetary method
Monetize the debt
Money base
Money center banks
Money Flow
Money market
Money market demand account (M.M.D.A.)
Money market fund
Money market hedge
Money market notes
Money market security
Money market yield
Money order
Money purchase plan
Money rate of return
Money supply
Monte Carlo simulation
Monthly income preferred security (MIP)
Monthly investment plan
Montreal Exchange/Bourse de Montreal
Moody`s investment grade
Moody`s investors service
Moral hazard
Moral obligation bond
More flexible exchange rate system
Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI)
Morgan Stanley Capital International Emerging Markets Global Index
Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe Index
Morgan Stanley Capital International Pacific Free index
Morgan Stanley Capital International World Index
Morgan Stanley REIT Index
Morningstar rating system
Mortality tables
Mortgage banker
Mortgage bond
Mortgage broker
Mortgage duration
Mortgage interest deduction
Mortgage life insurance
Mortgage pass-through security
Mortgage pipeline
Mortgage pool
Mortgage rate
Mortgage REIT
Mortgage servicing
Mortgage-backed securities (MSBs)
Mortgage-Backed Securities Clearing Corporation (MBSCC)
Mortgage-pipeline risk
Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)
Most active list
Most distant futures contract
Moving Average (MA)
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
Multi-option financing facility
Multibuyer policy
Multicurrency clause
Multicurrency loans
Multifactor CAPM
Multifamily loans
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
Multilateral netting system
Multinational corporation (MNC)
Multinational netting
Multinational restructuring
Multiperiod immunization
Multiple listing
Multiple peril insurance
Multiple rates of return
Multiple regression
Multiple-discriminant analysis (MDA)
Multiple-issuer pools
Multirule system
Municipal bond
Municipal bond fund
Municipal bond insurance
Municipal improvement certificate
Municipal Investment Trust (MIT)
Municipal notes
Municipal revenue bond
Mutilated security
Mutual association
Mutual company
Mutual exclusion doctrine
Mutual fund cash-to-assets ratio
Mutual fund custodian
Mutual fund theorem
Mutual offset
Mutual savings bank
Mutually exclusive investment decisions  


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