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MarketVolume Trading Glossary

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Naked option strategies
Naked strategies
Named perils insurance
Narrow market
Narrowing the spread
NASD form FR-1
NASDAQ Composite Index
Nasdaq small-capitalization companies
Nasdaq stock market
Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock
National Association of Investors Corporation
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)
National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System (Nasdaq)
National bank
National Credit Union Administration
National debt
National Foundation for Consumer Credit
National Futures Association (NFA)
National Market Advisory Board
National Market System (NMS)
National Quotation Bureau
National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC)
National Stock Exchange (NSE)
National tax policy
Natural logarithm
Near money
Nearby futures contract
Nearest month
Negative amortization
Negative cash flow
Negative convexity
Negative covenant
Negative Divergence
Negative duration
Negative income tax
Negative NPV tie-in project
Negative pledge clause
Negative working capital
Negative yield curve
Neglected firm effect
Negotiable bill of lading
Negotiable certificates of deposit
Negotiable instrument
Negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW)
Negotiated certificate of deposit
Negotiated commission
Negotiated markets
Negotiated offering
Negotiated sale
Negotiated underwriting
Net adjusted present value
Net advantage of refunding
Net advantage to leasing
Net advantage to merging
Net after-tax gain
Net asset value (NAV)
Net assets
Net benefit to leverage factor
Net book value
Net capital requirement
Net cash balance
Net currency exposure
Net current assets
Net errors and omissions
Net exposed assets
Net financing cost
Net float
Net income
Net interest cost (NIC)
Net investment
Net investment income per share
Net lease
Net operating loss carrybacks
Net operating loss carryforwards
Net operating losses
Net operating margin
Net parity
Net period
Net position
Net present value (NPV)
Net present value of future investments
Net present value of growth opportunities
Net present value rule
Net proceeds
Net profit margin
Net quick assets
Net realized capital gains per share
Net sales
Net sales transaction
Net salvage value
Net tangible assets per share
Net transaction
Net transaction exposure
Net working capital
Net worth
Net yield
Netting out
Neural Nets
Neutral hedge
Neutral period
Neutral stock
New account report
New high/new low
New issue
New listing
New money
New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE)
New York Futures Exchange (NYFE)
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
New Zealand Stock Exchange
New-issues market
Next day settlement
Next futures contract
Nexus (of contracts)
Nifty Fifty
Nikkei stock average
Nine-bond rule
No book
No-action letter
No-load fund
No-load mutual fund
No-load stock
No-par-value stock
Noah Effect
NOB spread
Noisy Chaos
Nominal annual rate
Nominal cash flow
Nominal dollars
Nominal exchange rate
Nominal exercise price
Nominal income
Nominal interest rate
Nominal price
Nominal quotation
Nominal yield
Nonaccredited investor
Noncash charge
Nonclearing member
Noncompetitive bid
Noncompetitive tender
Noncontributory pension plan
Noncumulative preferred stock
Noncurrent asset
Noncurrent liability
Nondeductible contribution
Nondeliverable Forward Contracts (NDF)
Nondiscretionary trust
Nondiversifiability of human capital
Nondiversifiable risk
Nonfinancial assets
Nonfinancial services
Noninsured plans
Noninterest-bearing note
Nonintermediated debt market
Nonmarketable security
Nonmarketed claims
Nonmember firm
Nonmonetary assets and liabilities
Nonparallel shift in the yield curve
Nonparticipating life insurance policy
Nonperforming asset
Nonproductive loan
Nonpublic information
Nonpurpose loan
Nonqualified plan
Nonqualifying annuity
Nonqualifying stock option
Nonrecourse loan
Nonrecurring charge
Nonreproducible assets
Nonsterilized intervention
Nonsystematic risk
Nonvoting stock
Normal annuity form
Normal backwardation theory
Normal Distribution
Normal growth firms
Normal investment practice
Normal Market Size (NMS)
Normal portfolio
Normal probability distribution
Normal random variable
Normal retirement
Normalized earnings
Normalizing method
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Not a name with us
Not held order (NH order)
Not rated
Not-sufficient-funds check
Note agreement
Note issuance facility (NIF)
Notes to the financial statements
Notice of sale
Notification date
Notional principal amount
Nouveau Marche
NPV profile
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
NYSE composite index  


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