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The volume indicators and the unique volume-based Java charts you find on www.MarketVolume.com are the result of four years of intensive research and significant investments made just in development costs. These revolutionary tools chart volume data in real-time, minute by minute. Several additional years were required to generate valid trading signals from this data. Today these tools are applied to various types of trading, including the trading of naked options.

After several years of research our group of traders developed a simple and reliable "Options Trading System". This group established an independent OTS Team which has become an independent affiliate of Highlight Investments Group. It was very important for us to separate our system from the influence of other Highlight Investments Group products that includes "ETFs Signals", "Daily Market Outlook" and others. Yes, we use Highlight Investments Group technology, raw data, web-hosting, billing system and other elements that support the technical side of our system. In this way we do not have to pay attention to the technical side and we can remain totally concentrated on market analysis. Our analysis is done completely independently, our signals are generated completely separately therefore they may totally differ from the outlook reflected in other products of the Highlight Investments group.

Our trading system is not 100% mechanical, as it incorporates a certain degree of subjectivity. The basic technology behind the trading system is MarketVolume index volume and advance decline indicators, which allow our analysts to make informed, but still somewhat subjective, decisions as to where the market is likely headed in the mid- and long-term. Keep in mind that we also incorporate other forms of technical analysis into our decision making process.

Each member of our team (which ranges from market analysts to software developers) has at least 10 years of trading experience under their belt. Even today, we continually strive to advance our market timing system, to make it more robust, simple and reliable, and to prove its value under real-world market conditions.

We wish you much trading success!

OTS Team - independent affiliate of
Highlight Investments Group

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