How to set up your Firewall

Please select your firewall below:

Norton Firewall
  1. Open NIS, NPF, or NIS Pro on the gateway computer.

  2. Open the Trusted Zone list of computers:
    - For NIS or NPF 2004, double-click Personal Firewall, then click the Networking tab.
    - For NIS or NPF 2003, double-click Personal Firewall,  then click the Home Networking tab.
    - For NIS or NPF 2002 and 2001, click Personal Firewall, then click Internet Zone Control.

  3. Click the Trusted tab, then click Add.
    - In NIS or NPF 2004, the Networking dialog box appears.
    - In NIS or NPF 2003, 2002, or 2001, the Specify Computers dialog box appears.
  4. Add our IP addresses:, and
 DIAMcAfee Security - Personal Firewall
  1. Trusting an Address:
    - Right-click on the McAfee icon, point to Personal Firewall, then click Inbound Events.
    - Right-click on any event that shows,, and, then click Trust the Source IP Address.
    - Verify that the IP address displayed in the Trust This Address confirmation message is correct and click OK.
  2. Manually adding an Address:
    - Click on the Utilities tab
    - Click on the Trusted & Banned IPs icon, then click the Trusted IP Addresses tab.
    - From here you should be able to add an IP address manually.
  1. Make sure that our IPs, and have been added to the Trusted zone. To find out how to do this:
    - Open ZoneAlarm Plus or ZoneAlarm Pro, then press F1.
    - From the search tab, type "subnet" (no quotes).
    - Double-click on "Adding to the Trusted Zone."

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff,

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