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QQQ Options Trading
Don�t let your emotions get in the way! Make superior returns trading QQQ options with us.
Our unique, volume-based market timing strategy for the NASDAQ 100 really delivers�


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Why to Trade Indexes

Price and volume for individual stocks fluctuate with unpredictable events such as news, rumors and earnings reports. By tailoring our indicators for Nasdaq 100, S&P 100 and S&P 500 index options, we reduce the uncertainty by dealing with numerous options contracts together. The volatility of any one options contract in our indicators is diluted by the whole.

  • Less Capital Investment: You are buying into the index directly as easily as you would with a stock. You end up with low commissions, and no need to worry about load or other hidden fees!
  • Less Volatility: Indexes are much less volatile than the stocks they represent by their nature. Indexes are an 'average' of many stocks. One doesn't need to worry much about news or the fluctuations of many individual stocks as those events are smoothed out by the movements of hundreds of other component stocks.

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Market Indicators

Index Last %
NYSE 6,682.41 -0.50
NASDAQ 2,053.76 -0.96
AMEX 1,241.85 -0.52
DJI 10,625.70 -0.64
DJT 2,919.14 -1.06
DJU 270.19 -0.48
Nasdaq 100 1,483.02 -1.22
S&P; 100 565.87 -0.63
S&P; 500 1,144.96 -0.62
S&P; 400 601.19 -0.63
S&P; 600 282.58 -0.85

As of Feb. 13,2004 09:57

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