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Don�t let your emotions get in the way! Make superior returns trading QQQ options with us.
Our unique, volume-based market timing strategy for the NASDAQ 100 really delivers�


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Market Indicators

Index Last %
NYSE 6,616.90 +1.11
NASDAQ 2,055.62 +1.79
AMEX 1,222.20 +1.39
DJI 10,570.81 +0.72
DJT 2,886.93 +1.88
DJU 268.80 +0.44
Nasdaq 100 1,492.70 +1.89
S&P; 100 564.84 +0.93
S&P; 500 1,140.15 +1.02
S&P; 400 592.83 +1.49
S&P; 600 278.89 +1.85

As of Feb. 6,2004 11:49

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