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About QQQ-Options-Trading

Dear Visitor,

Four years ago when we began developing this exclusive technology we realized that intraday volume is the best gauge of market activity, as price cannot move without volume. After four years of intensive research and development, we are now able to provide the most advanced investment tool in the world. VOLUME ANALYSIS.

We designed this site for conservative traders who want only to make 10-15 conservative trader during the year, but still make a large return.

The emotional factor is totally excluded when using our trading system. Due to this we believe that if you place your trust in our system you can only profit from it. You can see more details about our system at www.MarketVolume.com and, if you prefer, develop your own trading style based on volume analysis, OR you can simply use our options signals.

This trading system is not 100% mechanical as it does have a level of subjectivity. The basic technology behind this trading system is MarketVolume and its system of volume technical analysis. MarketVolume's JavaVolume charting technology allows our analysts to make informed, but still somewhat subjective, decisions as to where the market is going in the mid and long-term, and to make a trade based on the results of that analysis. Also keep mind that this system also incorporated other forms of technical analysis.

We'd be pleased for you to give us a try so that we can prove our Trading System. It's simple and easy, all you need to do to learn more about our system is to subscribe for a membership.

Good trading!



Market Indicators

Index Last %
NYSE 5,505.73 -0.96
NASDAQ 1,715.59 -1.13
AMEX 943.75 -0.08
DJI 9,153.97 -0.86
DJT 2,595.91 -1.07
DJU 234.54 -0.59
Nasdaq 100 1,264.26 -1.01
S&P; 100 493.64 -1.13
S&P; 500 980.15 -1.03
S&P; 400 491.55 -1.08
S&P; 600 228.77 -1.53

As of Aug. 2,2003 03:59

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