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Highlight Investments Group: A chronology

Highlight Investments Group ("the Company") is an innovative Internet-based trading advisory services and research company founded in 1993. The Company counts some of North America's top brokerages, various banks, mutual funds, and other financial institutions among its clients. Through various affiliate websites, it serves a rapidly growing number of private traders and investors (currently over 15,000) with subscription-based trading advice and signals for a variety of products, which cover the gamut from daily Market Outlook to the trading of index shares to highly specialized options trading services.

Highlight Investments Group operates its own research arm, consisting of several independent development teams, which have to date spent 4 years and several million dollars on the development of the Company's core product, a unique system of charting and analyzing intraday volume data in real-time for the major US stock exchanges and indexes. Based on this core product, a series of trading and advisory products (described below) have been created and marketed; additional new products are currently under development and in the testing phase.

The Company's ongoing research efforts continue to be focused on the advanced analysis and interpretation of stock market volume data and its increasingly accurate use in predicting short- and long-term market turning points. Research efforts are applied to the major exchanges, indexes, and various specialty sub-indexes of the US markets. While almost every trader "knows a little" about volume, very few have actually studied the issue in depth and even fewer understand the finer points of "trading on volume". Highlight Investments Group fills this knowledge gap by providing traders and investors with unique tools and advisory services to accurately forecast and anticipate stock (index) price reversals.


In 1997, the Company launched its principal webpage, www.MarketVolume.com, which quickly became the leading source for volume-based technical analysis on the Internet. In 1999, after a significant research effort and at great capital expense, MarketVolume® introduced its unique JavaVolume™ charting technology. These versatile charts allow the plotting of intraday stock market volume data in real-time – a resource never before made available to the trading public. Accurate trading of index shares and options based on real-time volume data has become a reality. This service remains unrivalled, even today.


In 2001, the company launched a further volume-based trading product that remains unique to this day: daily Market Outlook - an analysis of the intraday, real-time volume patterns for the NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, and other major US indexes, as well as specialty sub-indexes. This very popular and highly successful service is available from the affiliate website at www.index-day-trading.com.

The year 2001 also saw the launch of a free newsletter service, where the Company regularly educates its subscribers on all aspects of volume analysis. For instance, the newsletters discuss the topic of correctly assessing the current volume behavior of an index in view of anticipating coming trend reversals.


Just a year later, a further product based on volume analytics was launched. The site www.Index-Trading-Systems.com delivers unambiguous, volume-triggered signals for trading NASDAQ 100 index shares (QQQQ), Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipts (SPDRs), DOW shares, as well as various mutual funds. This trading advisory service quickly became a great success. Only six months after its launch in 2002 (using after-close trading signals), and by popular demand, the service was greatly enhanced to operate with pre-close signals, which can generate higher returns. This service is offered from the affiliate website: www.QQQQ-Market-Timing.com.

Also in 2002, the Company created a free, interactive on-line market research service called Stock-Market-Sentiment (www.Stock-Market-Sentiment.com). On this site, investors and traders are invited to express their opinion on a variety of market-related issues. For example, they are asked (by the use of standardized questions) where they think the NASDAQ, the DOW, or the S&P 500 will be in a month's or a year's time. The information thus collected creates a poll that describes and quantifies current investor sentiment. An ensuing comparison between the actual market movements and the prevailing investor sentiment is a highly useful resource with predictive value.


The next product release followed in 2003. The options development team at Highlight Investments Group unveiled an advisory service for the trading of options based on the volume behavior of the NASDAQ 100 index shares (QQQQ). The successful trading of options remains a mystery that few traders ever solve. Yet the unambiguous options trading signals made available at www.QQQQ-Options-Trading.com, very quickly became one of the Company's leading products, thanks to its consistent, highly profitable track record.


Highlight Investments Group's new product offering was released in 2004. Real-time intraday charts based on the "advances" and "declines" concept were made available to the trading public on the Internet for the very first time. Several novel (and previously unavailable) charting techniques were introduced with these products. Among them are: (1) advance-decline analysis in real-time for the major US indexes and exchanges (not just for the NYSE, as had previously been the case); (2) advance-decline analysis on an intraday level (traditionally, only end-of-day analysis was used); (3) advance-decline indicators for momentum volume, as opposed to compound volume (the traditionally used advance-decline compound volume is difficult to analyze on an intraday level). These innovative indicators open up new possibilities for traders (from novice to professional), as well as for professional technical analysts. They provide a new perspective into market activities and give more confidence to the trader.


Highlight Investments Group developed and implemented several new and revolutionary volume-based indicators, among them "Selling & Buying Volume (SBV)" and "SBV Oscillators". These sets of indicators have made volume analysis easier to grasp and more visual. Based on MarketVolume®'s previously developed proprietary technologies, we built new modulated volume indicators that allow users to compare an index's current volume patterns with those found in the past – an approach that was both new and revolutionary. Not only do our SBV indicators categorize volume into "buying volume" and "selling volume" (based on whether the underlying index is moving higher or lower as it generates the volume), they also allow users to see the magnitude and duration of volume surges and relate them to prior volume spikes. MarketVolume® subscribers quickly embraced the new SBV indicators and made them one of our most popular set of indicators; some traders have adopted them as reliable intraday trading indicators.


Highlight Investments Group's development team launched a new service for the trading of uncovered ("naked") options - www.options-trading-system.com. Signals are issued for the writing of QQQQ and SPY options based on volume patterns of the underlying NASDAQ 100 index shares (QQQQ) and S&P 500 index shares (SPY). Thanks to its consistent and profitable track record, this new signals service was quickly adopted by both beginning and professional options traders. The new service was also readily embraced by major online brokerages, some of which include them in their auto-trading offerings.

In the same year, we also upgraded our older options trading service - www.options-trading-system.com. Previously, this service had been restricted to the trading of QQQQ options; now, the more conservative SPY options were added. Furthermore, we improved the generation of after-market close signals and introduced the option of receiving real-time (i.e.., intraday) options signals with immediate notification of subscribers. These changes have substantially improved overall system performance.


Highlight Investments Group proved once again that it is serious about traders' changing requirements. This year, we made further improvements to our mutual funds signals for funds tracking the NASDAQ 100 index. Previously, such signals had been part and parcel of a bundle for trading several ETFs (QQQQ, SPDRs, and DIA). In the old package, mutual fund signals had been more of an afterthought; signals were generated for "long" trades only (i.e., only for a rising market), and they remained limited to NASDAQ 100 tracking funds. Today, we offer these signals as an independent, full-fledged service - www.index-funds-trading.com. The new signals service is for the direct trading of Dynamic Rydex and Ultra ProFunds. Our mutual funds signals are thus no longer limited to NASDAQ 100 funds – you can now trade S&P 500 and DOW funds as well. In addition, we also added inverse funds to our signals list. This means our subscribers are no longer limited to trading only the long side of the market; down trending markets can also be traded. Our improved mutual funds signals service has become popular in a very short time, particularly among holders of IRA and 401(k) accounts.

Highlight Investments Group has successfully built a wide array of trading products, all based on the core competency it has been developing and nurturing since 1993 - the methodical, time-tested, and skillful interpretation of stock market volume. Volume-based technical analysis is the thread that ties together a series of products that at first glance seem only remotely, if at all, connected. Products range from Market Outlook to free technical newsletters to the precise entry and exit points for trading a specific QQQQ and SPY uncovered option - a wide product range that appeals to traders of all skill levels and risk tolerances.

In order to continually improve services for its growing subscribers and to stay ahead of its competition, the Company invests significant amounts of time and capital every year into the development of new products and its technology.

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